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LeagueWorks License and Pricing Information

All versions of LeagueWorks are offered as shareware.  This means you can try it before you buy it!  The downloadable software is the full released version - not just a demo!

Licensing and Registration Price

Each version of the LeagueWorks software is priced at $189.00 (LeagueWorks for Cheerleaders is $99).  The $189 price includes free downloads of the software from the Downloads page of the LeagueWorks website. If a CD is desired, there is an additional $9.95 fee to have a CD mailed via US Postal Mail.

Limitations of Data Entry within Unregistered Software

The downloadable (unregistered) versions of LeagueWorks do have limitations on the amount of data that can be entered within the softare. In addition, the reports are limited to "Print Preview" mode only (printing is disabled).   The limitations on the unregistered versions for data entry are as follows:  the software will accept up to 25 player registrations, 2 divisions, 4 teams (2 teams per division), 4 sponsors, and 10 equipment items -- all other data entry functions are unlimited.  After registering LeagueWorks there are no limits to the amount of data that can be entered -- and LeagueWorks will keep the data that you have already entered intact!  Also, following registration, all updates are FREE until the next major release!

License Agreement

Each version of the LeagueWorks software is licensed to a single organization at a time.  The organization is permitted to use the software and share the registration code within their single organization only (this includes loading LeagueWorks on as many PC's within your single organization as desired).  The organization may not share the registration code with anyone outside the organization and no person within the organization may use the registration code should that person move to a different organization.  The license for the organization to use the software is not transferable to any other organization.  The LeagueWorks Software license agreement licenses the software to a single organization at a time - this includes upper level or mid level organizations (i.e. a Division level organization) that have sub-organizations reporting to the upper or mid level (i.e. Division level) organization.  For example, a Division level organization may license the LeagueWorks software, but the Division level may NOT distribute LeagueWorks to the lower level reporting organizations for their use -- each lower level reporting organization must license the LeagueWorks software for their own use, then, if desired, they can share data with the Division or upper level organization, assuming the Division level or upper level organization has also licensed LeagueWorks.

Thank you for your interest in LeagueWorks

Try any or all versions of the LeagueWorks software, enter any information you like.  If you decide to keep any or all versions, use the Register/Buy Now selection to register by Credit Card, or print and mail the registration form (the registration form can be printed from within the LeagueWorks program) along with a check or money order to the address on the form.  If the LeagueWorks software doesn't meet your needs, simply uninstall it from your system, (we would like to hear from you though on how to enhance it to meet your needs)!

Once notification has been received that a software license has been purchased, we will email the registration code to the email address provided on either form of payment (or by US Postal Mail if no email address is provided) within 24 hours of receipt of payment or the order form.


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