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LeagueWorks is always a work in progress.  So help us improve it -- let us know what you think!  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome, so please contact us with your feedback!

Please Note:  To install the latest update listed on this page, a full installation of LeagueWorks must already exist on your system.  Please go to the downloads page to retrieve the full installation of LeagueWorks.

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Build 367- 12/26/2011

Changes in Build 367

  1. Fixed a bug introduced in the last update that prohibited the program from updating an existing Division record.

Build 366 - 11/26/2011

Changes in Build 366

  1. Fixed a bug that could potentially allow duplicate division names to be added to the database.

Build 362- 10/25/2010

Changes in Build 362

  1. Fixed an issue where the Active.com registration download file appears to have an extra blank line at the end of the file. This resulted in an error message that stated "Index out of Range" when importing the online registration file. Code has been added to the program to strip the extra blank line from the import file.

Build 361 - 7/20/2010

Changes in Build 361

  1. Fixed a bug in the New Season window where the Other Fees and Amount Paid fields were not being completely cleared when using the New Season window.
  2. Added a new option to the New Season window to allow the user to optionally remove the Fundraiser Fee from the Player records.

Build 358 - 6/16/2009

Changes in Build 358

  1. Resized the Player Registration window to make it a little larger.
  2. Added buttons on the Player Registration window for Other Fees and Amount Paid. The program will now accept up to 5 "Other Fee" fields and 5 "Amount Paid" fields.
  3. Updated the Fee reports to include the new Other Fees and Amount Paid fields.
  4. Added several new Fee Reports, including a Registration Receipt, Balance Due Invoice, and several other summary reports.

Build 356 - 4/22/2009

Changes in Build 356

  1. Added a new "Goalie Reg. Fee" to the Division records. Now, when a player is assigned to a division, the program will look to see if the "Goalie?" box is checked on the Player Registration window. If the Goalie box is checked, the program will populate the Per Player Fee with the "Goalie Reg. Fee" from the Division record. If the Goalie box is NOT checked, the program will populate the Per Player Fee with the "Player Reg. Fee" from the Division record. PLEASE NOTE: The program only populates the Per Player Fee on the Player Registration window if there is NOT a fee already in that field on the window. The program will NOT overwrite any fee that is in the Per Player Fee field. This way, if the user places a special fee in the field, the program will NOT automatically overwrite it.
  2. Added stricter conditions to the Automated Player/Team Assignment. The program will now use the Player Gender values (along with the Division Gender) values to try and automatically assign players to the proper gender teams, when automatically assigning players to teams. PLEASE NOTE: For the Automated Player/Team Assignment to work properly, the Gender field on both the Player Registration and the Division records must be filled in with the proper value.

Build 354 - 2/8/2009

Changes in Build 354

  1. The program is now "Code Signed" so that Windows Vista users will no longer be prompted to "Allow" the program to run on their computer.

Build 354 - 9/29/2008

Changes in Build 354

  1. Added four new "list" reports to the Equipment reports. These list reports allow the user to print lists showing the equipment that has been assigned to players, volunteers, players by division and team, and volunteers by division and team.
  2. Fixed a bug reported in the automatic division selection process on the Program Preferences window to allow a player to "Play Up". The program was not showing all eligible divisions properly.

Build 353- 8/25/2008

Changes in Build 353

  1. Added two new exports on the Reports window under the "File Export Utility" selection. The two new exports allow the user to export information to file formats that are compatible with the FanDraft software. The first export will output the Division, Teams within the Division, and Players that have been assigned to the division. The information can then be imported into FanDraft to allow its use during a draft. The second export is for users that just want to export player information for FanDraft. The Player Export allows the user to output all of the players that have been assigned to a particular division.

Build 351- 9/11/2007

Changes in Build 351

  1. Added two new Email Address reports. The new reports display the parent phone numbers and email address along with the player phone number and email address. The reports are selectable by Division and Division/Team.
  2. Fixed the Excel file exports. All Excel file exports now work properly. The Player Evaluation Reports and Ability Rating reports can once again be output in Excel format.
  3. Added the capability on the Reports window so that the user can select the color of the separator bars used within the reports.
  4. The "Use Separater Bar" checkbox is now persistent so that when the box is checked or unchecked, the program remembers the setting last saved by the user.
  5. General cleanup of screens and reports.

Build 348 - 3/15/2007

Changes in Build 348

  1. Added a second Team Practice Day and Practice Time to the Teams portion of the Divisions, Teams, and Venues window.

  2. Modified several reports to add the new Team Practice Day and Practice Time fields.

Build 347 - 3/13/2007

Changes in Build 347

  1. Added two new reports to the Ability Ratings Report. The new options are the "Player by Div/Total Rating" and "Player by Div/Average Rating". These new reports provide the capability to sort the player ratings by "Total" rating and "Average" rating, based on the numbers entered on the Player Ratings window.

Build 345 - 8/30/2006

Changes in Build 345

  1. Added the capability on the Mailing Labels report (on the Reports window) to print a single player mailing label at a time.

Build 343 - 2/26/2006

Changes in Build 343

  1. Added an option on the Active Player List and Inactive Player List reports to allow the user if they would like to display the guardian information or not.  Not displaying the guardian information provides for a shorter (thus less paper usage) report.

  2. Removed the requirement to add Guardian phone information on the player registration window.

  3. Removed the question as to whether a new school, doctor, or dentist should be added to the appropriate lists.  Now the software automatically adds any new information to the appropriate lists.

Build 340 - 9/21/2005

Changes in Build 340

  1. Fixed a bug reported in the Backup utility.  This only affected users where the database is NOT located in the default installation directory.  The backup utility was looking for the Player Pictures, Birth Certificate Images, and Volunteer Pictures folders in the same location as the database.  This has now been fixed and the backup utility looks for the Player Pictures, Birth Certificate Images, and Volunteer Pictures folders in the same folder where LeagueWorks is installed.

Build 337 - 8/2/2005

Changes in Build 337

  1. Added the option to select All, Active, or Inactive players from the Family Mailing Label option on the Reports window.

  2. Modified the "Backup" and "Restore" options on the Data Utilities window to allow the backup and restore of the Player Picture files, Birth Certificate Image files, and Volunteer Picture files.

Build 335 - 1/1/2005

Changes in Build 335

  1. Added the capability to add a Practice Day and Practice Time for each team.

  2. Added the Practice Day and Practice time to the Team Reports.


Build 335 - 1/1/2005

Changes in Build 335

Please Note:  It is highly recommended that the Full installation of LeagueWorks for Hockey be downloaded and installed.  The full installation takes advantage of new security patches and updates that have been distributed by Microsoft.  The full installation will not overwrite your data (although backing up your data by using the Backup utility on the Data Utilities window, before installing a full installation or update installation, is always recommended).  You can download and install this update version, although the update version does not include the patches and updates provided by Microsoft.  The updates provided from Microsoft include new Data Access modules (MS Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8) and new Visual Basic runtime Service Pack 6.

LeagueWorks for Hockey database file (LWHockey.mdb) is now compatible with all versions of Microsoft Access.  You can now use any version of Microsoft Access to open the LeagueWorks for Soccer database file to create your own custom reports!  When using a version of MS Access other than Access97 to open the database, you can now say "Yes" to converting the database to the latest format.  LeagueWorks will still be able to open and read the file.

Program Preferences Window Changes
  1. Increased Size of Custom Field Labels to 50 characters.

Player/Volunteer/Sponsor Window Changes
  1. Increased size of all Email Address fields (Player, Parent, and Volunteer) to 255 characters.

  2. Changed the Doctor, Dentist, and Hospital fields on the Player Registration so that they are now drop-down list boxes.

  3. Added Volunteer Background Check and Background Check Date.

  4. Added Player Birth Certificate Image fields so that a copy of the Player Birth Certificate can now be kept in the software.

  5. Added Volunteer Photo field for use with Identification Cards.

  6. Added Parent Occupation tracking and Occupation Reports.  You can now track Parent Occupations and print Parent and Volunteer Occupation reports based on the Occupations entered.

  7. Added an Occupation table to the database.  You can now specify a list of Occupations on the Category Setup window.

  8. Made the Doctor, Dentist, and Hospital fields drop down lists that are much easier to use.  You can add new Doctors, Dentists, or Hospitals right on the Player Registration window, or add them to the Category Setup window.

Category Setup Window Changes
  1. Added Doctor, Dentist, Hospital, and Occupation tabs to the window to enter information that can be used on the Player and Volunteer Registration windows.

Reports Window Changes
  1. Changed the font on all reports to make them easier to read.

  2. Added a Birth Certificate print report.

  3. Added Player ID Cards to the Player Reports selection.

  4. Added Volunteer Volunteer ID Cards to Volunteers selection.

  5. Added all volunteer phone numbers to the Volunteer Roster by Category report.

  6. Added reports to show the Volunteers that have and have not had background checks.

  7. Added a Birth Certificate print report.

  8. Many new reports added on the Reports window.

Many other reports and behind the scenes updates to make input easier and reports more full featured!!

Build 327 - 01/18/2004

Changes in Build 327

  1. Changed the names of the Import/Export files to more accurately reflect the format of the files.  The Import/Export utilizes the AFTF file format.  The name change has also been made in the LeagueWorks Formatted Data Worksheet, which is now named the AFTF Data Worksheet.

Build 325 - 01/04/2004

Changes in Build 325

  1. Added a new feature to Delete Players that have exceeded the age limit of the league.  On the Tools menu of the Startup window, a new selection has been added to "Delete Players Over the Age of...".  You supply the Age, and all players older than the provided age will be deleted from the database.

Build 324 - 11/8/2003

Changes in Build 324

  1. LeagueWorks for Hockey now supports importing of data.  Import data from online registration files or other versions of LeagueWorks.  Data can be imported via a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file.  For detailed information, please see the FAQ page.

  2. Added a new menu structure on the Startup window for easier navigation.  Direct access to the Backup, Restore, Merge, Import/Export, New Season updates, and all other LeagueWorks functions is now easier from the menu's.

  3. Added new data Import options to the Data Utilities window.

  4. Moved the Little League Data Center and Player Export options from the Reports window to the Data Utilities window.  The Reports window File Export options now are for specialty exports.

  5. Added many other minor fixes and updates based on comments and suggestions from you!

Build 321 - 7/1/2003

Changes in Build 321

  1. Fixed a problem when navigation through different windows.  It was possible to have a "Runtime Error 438 - Object doesn't support this property or method" displayed, then the program would exit.  The error has been fixed and now clicking between windows will not cause an error.

Build 320 - 4/16/2003

Changes in Build 320

  1. Added "File Export UtilitY" to the Reports window.  A new option exists on the reports window to export data for Little League Baseball and also user developed custom reports.  The Little League Data Center format is an output that can be used to send rosters to the Little League Data Center for 2003.  The new AFTF format is being implemented now.  Additional report outputs are available for Email Addresses.  The outputs for email addresses can be copied and pasted into the "To:" field of most email packages.

  2. An export format has also been included in the File Export utility on the Reports window for Players.  The output allows you to select by Division and also if you would like All players, or Active or Inactive players only.  The Comma Separated Value (CSV) file output can be imported directly into Microsoft Excel -- you can now select the data you want within Excel and create your own custom reports!  Stay tuned - more report format outputs will be available soon!

  3. Added an automated Tryout Number assignment.  The Tools menu on the Player Registration form now contains options for Tryout Number assignments for All, Active, or Inactive players.  The format of the Tryout Number is as follows:  The first 1 to 2 numbers is the Player Age.  The following numbers are a sequential assignment of numbers.

  4. Added new Custom Field Reports to the Reports window.  This allows the user to display the Custom Fields for players and volunteers.

  5. Added several new Tryout Reports to the Reports window.

  6. Fixed the "Back-Tab" problem in the Phone Area Codes.  All Phone Area Codes now automatically tab to the Phone Number field when the Area Code field is filled.

  7. Fixed a problem in the Age calculation for Canadian users.  The age was not being calculated properly when a Canadian user was using the Date format "DD/MM/YY".

  8. Fixed a problem on the Division/Team Window.  If a schedule had been entered or imported from Diamond Scheduler, and then a new Division was added.  The program could inadvertently change a name of a Division in the Schedule table.

  9. Fixed a problem where if a Division Name was changed, only the Home Team Division was changed in the Schedule table.  Now, both the Home Team's Division and the Visitors Team Division names are changed properly.

Build 314 - 11/27/2002

Changes in Build 314

  1. Fixed a bug reported in the Team/Coach assignments.  When assigning coaches to teams, the lists were displaying Volunteers that were not marked as Active.  When one of the inactive Volunteers was selected, the record would not display as an assigned Coach or Team Parent.  The Coach/Team Parent volunteers are now only displayed if they are marked Active.

Build 313 - 11/24/2002

Changes in Build 313

  1. Fixed a problem found in the Automated Division Assignment by Age.  If the Player Division Assignment "Play Up" or "Strict" options were selected on the Program Preferences window, an error message was being generated on the Player Registration window when LeagueWorks attempted to retrieve the Divisions for which the player was eligible.

Build 312- 11/23/2002

Changes in Build 312

  1. Added three new icons to the Player Registration window toolbar.  The Registration Form for the current player displayed on the window can now be printed or previewed directly from the Player Registration window.  You can also print blank Player Registration forms directly from the Player Registration window toolbar.

Build 311 - 11/10/2002

Changes in Build 311

  1. Players can now automatically be assigned to Divisions based on Age or School Grade.  LeagueWorks has added a selection on the Program Preferences window for Automatic Player/Division assignment based on Age or Grade.  There are multiple selections for each, based on how you would like to assign players to Divisions -- "Unlimited" (the player can play in any Division), "Play Up" (the player can play in any division at or above the Age or Grade), and "Strict" (the player can only be assigned to the Division that corresponds to their Age or Grade).  LeagueWorks utilizes new parameters on the Division window to make the assignments (see below).

  2. Added automated Division Assignment for Players.  Now, when a Player is added or marked as Active, LeagueWorks will attempt to automatically assign the Player to the proper Division, based on the selections made in the Program Preferences window.

  3. Added Minimum Grade and Maximum Grade to the Division window.  This is utilized in the Automated Player/Division assignment.

  4. Added the ability to modify the Player Rating Labels.  Now you can set the Player Rating Labels to whatever you desire.

  5. Modified the Ability Rating reports to use the User Defined Player Ability Rating labels.

Build 300 - 10/1/02

Changes in Build 300

  1. Added Player Invoice.  Now an invoice can be generated for all Player Fees.

  2. Modified the Team Roster report to increase the field sizes and add more information to the report.

  3. Made changes to enhance the file transfer capabilities between LeagueWorks and Diamond Scheduler.  LeagueWorks will now handle Multiple Divisions within the schedule.  See the FAQ's for more information.

  4. New report for players that have not turned in Birth Certificates.

  5. Added the ability to create mailing labels for Individual Teams.

  6. Increased the size on Mailing Label formats to 12 point fonts.

  7. Added new options to the Family mailing labels to select "All", "Active Only", or "Inactive Only" Family Labels.

  8. Changed the How Fee Paid field to accept up to 15 characters output.

  9. Many other "behind the scenes" enhancements!!



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