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LeagueWorks is always a work in progress.  So help us improve it -- let us know what you think!  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome, so please contact us with your feedback!

Please Note:  To install the latest update listed on this page, a full installation of LeagueWorks must already exist on your system.  Please go to the downloads page to retrieve the full installation of LeagueWorks.

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Build 557 - 4/20/2015

Changes in Build 557

  1. Added new imports and exports in support of the new release of Diamond Scheduler version 7. The LeagueWorks software now supports importing and exporting from/to Diamond Scheduler version 7. The selections on the Data Utilities window are still the same, but the user will now be prompted to select whether they are using Diamond Scheduler version 6 or below or Diamond Scheduler version 7.

Build 556 - 3/9/2015

Changes in Build 556

  1. Modified the Uniform Size fields on the Player Registration window so that the uniform sizes must be selected from the dropdown box. This prevents the user from typing an invalid entry into the field
  2. Miscellaneous report updates and user requested updates.

Build 550 - 2/17/2014

Changes in Build 550

  1. Added a new Miscellaneous Reports selection on the Reports window. The Miscellaneous Reports include Doctor and Dentist lists, along with a Missing Paperwork Report that displays the paperwork that has been received from player registrations.
  2. Added the ability on the Category Setup window to assist the cleanup of certain categories. Some tabs now show the number of records being utilized by a selection in the drop down list. The program will now allow you to select an alternate when removing items from the category list, if the record is used within the database. Other selections will warn the user that data will be removed from records in the database when an item is deleted.
  3. Added two new tabs in the Category Setup window to assist in the cleanup of City Names and Email Addresses.

Build 548 - 8/6/2013

Changes in Build 548

  1. Windows 8 users reported an issue trying to save Player Picture, Birth Certification Images, and Volunteer Pictures in the default path of the "C:\Program Files\LeagueWorks\Football" folder. So, the ability to specify the path to be used was added to the "DB & File Paths" tab of the Program Preferences window.
  2. Created new paths for the Player Pictures, Birth Certificate Images, and Volunteer Pictures under the "C:\LeagueWorks Data\Football" folder.

Build 547 - 7/24/2013

Changes in Build 547

  1. Added the player height to several of the "Player Reports" and on the Team Roster on the Reports window

Build 546 - 7/21/2013

Changes in Build 546

  1. Updated the TYFSF Scholarship form.

Build 542 - 9/12/2012

Changes in Build 542

  1. Fixed an error in the AYF Excel File output.

Build 533 - 8/12/2012

Changes in Build 533

  1. Added a new report to the Player Reports selection. The new report shows players that are in need of turning in their physical forms.

Build 530 - 8/3/2012

Changes in Build 530

  1. Fixed a bug found in the merge utility. The bug prevented the merge utility from finishing properly.

Build 522 - 12/26/2011

Changes in Build 522

  1. Fixed a bug introduced in the last update that prohibited the program from updating an existing Division record.

Build 521 - 11/26/2011

Changes in Build 521

  1. Fixed a bug that could potentially allow duplicate division names to be added to the database.

Build 519 - 9/25/2011

Changes in Build 519

  1. Added the ability to move the player picture files, birth certificate images, and volunteer picture files anywhere the user would like. The picture files are no longer restricted to the default location of the directory where the program is installed. Each of the file types must be located in their respective folder, but the folder can be located anywhere desired. The folder locations can be set on the "DB & File Paths" tab of the Program Preferences window.

Build 501 - 3/2/2011

Changes in Build 501

  1. Fixed an issue where the Active.com registration download file appears to have an extra blank line at the end of the file. This resulted in an error message that stated "Index out of Range" when importing the online registration file. Code has been added to the program to strip the extra blank line from the import file.

Build 494 - 10/25/2010

Changes in Build 494

  1. Fixed an issue where the Active.com registration download file appears to have an extra blank line at the end of the file. This resulted in an error message that stated "Index out of Range" when importing the online registration file. Code has been added to the program to strip the extra blank line from the import file.

Build 491 - 9/22/2010

Changes in Build 491

  1. Modified the Volunteer Background Check report to only show the volunteers that have had a background check completed within one year of the date the report is run. The report will no longer show volunteers that have had a background check completed if the last background check is greater than one year from the date of the report.
  2. Modified the Volunteer without Background Check report to include the volunteers that have had background checks, but the background check was completed more than one year from the date the report is run.

Build 488 - 9/12/2010

Changes in Build 488

  1. Added a new Fee Summary report by Division/Team to the Fee Reports selection on the Reports window.

Build 464 - 7/20/2010

Changes in Build 464

  1. Fixed a problem with the Roster reports where the player weight, jersey number, and age was not being reset within the database properly. This caused a problem where the user would see an error message stating that a "Text Field is Read Only".

Build 460 - 6/30/2010

Changes in Build 460

  1. Added new sort capabilities to the team roster reports.
  2. Added a new tab to the Volunteer Registrations tab on the Player/Volunteer/Sponsor Registration window to allow the user to assign positions to the volunteers. The "Volunteer Assignments" tab will assign positions to volunteers.
  3. Many other miscellaneous updates based on user input and requests.

Build 440 - 1/25/2010

Changes in Build 440

  1. Added new Minimum and Maximum Weight fields to the Division records. The minimum and maximum weight can now be defined for each division.
  2. Added a new option on the Setup and Defaults tab of the Program Preferences window to allow the program to use the weight fields on the division records to assist in automatically assigning players to divisions. If the Player Assign by Age selection is made, and the new "Use Weight When Assigning Division" box is checked (found in the "Player/Division Assignment" box), the program will use the Weight field on the Player Registration Record to assist in assigning the player to a division for which he is both age and weight eligible.
  3. Added a new "Registration Form Field Selection" menu item to the "Edit" menu on the Reports window. Now, the Division Preference, Uniform, and Fee Amount fields (found in the League Use Only box), birth certificate verification, residency verification, medical authorization/doctor note, and Photo ID on the Player Registration window can be automatically populated by the program on the player registration form. The Registration Form Field Selection window allows the user to turn on/off the fields that will be displayed on the player registration form.
  4. Added new fields to the "League Use Only" section of the Player Registration form. The program will now show the birth certificate verification, residency verification, medical authorization/doctor note, and photo id on the player registration form.

Build 436 - 7/20/2009

Changes in Build 436

  1. Fixed a problem in the Uniform Report - Uniforms by Division/Team where the Shoulder Pad Size was not being displayed properly.

Build 435 - 7/13/2009

Changes in Build 435

  1. Fixed a reported problem where attempting to import data via the AFTF worksheet was not working properly.

Build 434 - 6/18/2009

Changes in Build 434

  1. Updated the "Fee Report by Division/Team" under the Team Reports option on the Reports window. The report was not showing the proper fees and calculations.

Build 429 - 4/22/2009

Changes in Build 429

  1. Added new features to the program so that the Parent address information can now be entered on the Player Registration window (on the Parent Info) tab.
  2. Fixed a problem in the Inactive Player List where options are available to sort the list in different ways, but the sort was not working properly.

Build 419 - 2/8/2009

Changes in Build 419

  1. The program is now "Code Signe" so that Windows Vista Users will no longer by prompted to "Allow" the program to run on their computer.

Build 419 - 7/23/2008

Changes in Build 419

  1. Added four new "list" reports to the Equipment reports. These list reports allow the user to print lists showing the equipment that has been assigned to players, volunteers, players by division and team, and volunteers by division and team.
  2. Fixed a bug reported in the automatic division selection process on the Program Preferences window to allow a player to "Play Up". The program was not showing all eligible divisions properly.

Build 410 - 7/13/2008

Changes in Build 410

  1. Added the player's weight to several of the uniform reports. The weight can be used as an added check to make sure the player has requested the correct uniform size.

Build 409 - 5/27/2008

Changes in Build 409

  1. Added Parent Names to the Balance Due and Refund Due reports.
  2. Miscellaneous report updates based on user requests.

Build 405 - 4/20/2008

Changes in Build 405

  1. Fixed a problem reported on the Single Player report where the fees were not being displayed properly.
  2. Fixed all of the fee reports to make sure the fees were displayed properly with the new Amount Paid fields.
  3. Modified the Volunteer ID Cards option to allow the user to select "All Volunteers"
  4. Added a new "Volunteer ID Cards by Category" report to the Volunteer Reports selection. This will allow the selection and printing of Volunteer ID Cards by volunteer category.

Build 403 - 4/9/2008

Changes in Build 403

  1. Fixed a problem reported on the New Season window where all of the fees were not being cleared properly when the options to clear the fees was selected.

Build 402 - 4/7/2008

Changes in Build 402

  1. Fixed a problem reported in the import of online registration files. The program was not properly recording the Amount Paid information. This has now been fixed and the amount paid is now properly recorded.

Build 401 - 4/6/2008

Changes in Build 401

  1. Added the ability to track multiple payments per player with the new "Amount Paid" button on the Player Registration window.
  2. Updated all Fee Reports to add the multiple payment capability.
  3. Updated the Merge utility to add the multiple payment capability.
  4. Many other updates added (and more to come)!

Build 397 - 10/25/2007

Changes in Build 397

  1. Fixed a reported problem in the Volunteer reports. Under certain conditions, it was possible for the Volunteer reports to display old or outdated information.

Build 396 - 9/12/2007

Changes in Build 396

  1. Added two new Email Address reports. The new reports display the parent phone numbers and email address along with the player phone number and email address. The reports are selectable by Division and Division/Team.
  2. Fixed the Excel file exports. All Excel file exports now work properly. The Player Evaluation Reports and Ability Rating reports can once again be output in Excel format.
  3. Added the capability on the Reports window so that the user can select the color of the separator bars used within the reports.
  4. The "Use Separater Bar" checkbox is now persistent so that when the box is checked or unchecked, the program remembers the setting last saved by the user.
  5. General cleanup of screens and reports.

Build 393 - 8/14/07

Changes in Build 393

  1. Fixed a problem found in the program where a player name with multiple dashes ( - ) in the name could display an error that the record could not be found.

Build 391 - 8/7/07

Changes in Build 391

  1. Modified the Team Roster Sorted by Age report to sort the roster by age then by player name within age group. In order for the ages to be calculated properly, please make sure that the Age Cutoff Month and Day is set properly on each of the Division records within the database. If your organization does not use an Age Cutoff date, please set the Age Cutoff Month and Day to December 31. This way, the age will be calculated as the real age of the person, not an age as of a certain date.
  2. Added several organizations to the CAYFL group of football organizations.

Build 384 - 6/14/07

Changes in Build 384

  1. Fixed a potential problem on the Player Registration window where it was possible to assign players to the wrong division record. This has been fixed and players can now only be assigned to valid divisions.

Build 383 - 6/4/07

Changes in Build 383

  1. Added a new "Player Uniform Report by Division" to the Uniform Reports selection on the Reports window. This report lists all of the players in the division along with the uniform information that has been entered into the database.

Build 382 - 5/3/07

Changes in Build 382

  1. Changed the name of the import option on the Data Utilities window from "Import - AFTF CSV File" to "Import - Player Data or Online Registration File" to reflect the functionality of the import.

  2. Added the capability to fix a shortcoming in one of the online registration files. The file did not properly end the records in a carraige return/linefeed (CR/LF) character. The program now automatically adds the CR/LF character at the proper locations in the import file.

  3. Added new headers to the online registration import file to reflect changes implemented by Active.com's online registration download file. This allows the program to import more data into the program from the online registration file.
  4. Several other behind the scenes updates to enhance the processing of data within the program.

Build 380 - 3/19/07

Changes in Build 380

  1. Fixed a problem on the Player Registration window. When a player was being marked as Active, it was possible for the program to clear the Division Name and/or Team Name on the window when it should not have been removed.

Build 379 - 3/12/07

Changes in Build 379

  1. Fixed a problem in the "Delete" utility on the Data Utilities window. The Delete utility is used to physically remove all records in the database that are "flagged" as deleted.

  2. Minor report updates.

Build 376 - 1/23/07

Changes in Build 376

  1. Added the ability on the New Season window to Remove Player Uniform information from the player registration window.

  2. Fixed a few problems found in various reports.

Build 372 - 5/14/06

Changes in Build 372

  1. Found and fixed a few reports where the labels were not being displayed properly on the reports - they were either being cut off or crunched together in a way that they did not fit in the boxes.

  2. Added code in the program to clean up certain phone numbers in the database that were being stored with the underscore characters.  This will help the reports and registration forms display the phone numbers in a cleaner format.

Build 369 - 5/1/06

Changes in Build 369

  1. Reformatted some windows to make them larger.

  2. Added new "Other Fees" button to the Player Registration window.  Other Fees now includes up to 5 other fees fields for tracking fee information.

  3. Other Fees labels are now editable and will be displayed on reports.

  4. Modified Fee Reports to include the new Other Fees fields.

  5. Added a new "Merge Summary Report" to the Merge utility that will display a summary of the player information that occurs when databases are merged together.

  6. Fixed a few inconsistencies in reports reported by customers.

  7. Added a new "Move Team to Another Division" button on the Team tab of the Divisions, Teams, and Fields window.  This will allow the user to move a team to another division and all of the information pertaining to players, coaches, sponsors, etc. will be moved with the team.

  8. Many other behind the scenes enhancements added to improve performance.

Build 365 - 3/24/06

Changes in Build 365

  1. Added a new Registration Receipt report under the Fee Reports option of the Reports window.

  2. Also fixed several behind the scenes problems that have been reported.

Build 362 - 11/19/2005

Changes in Build 362

  1. Added an option to one of the file export options on the Data Utilities window.  The option to "Export - Player Data for Spreadsheet or Import into another version of LeagueWorks" now allows the user to optionally include the Division Name and Team Name for each record.  The user can also select whether the export should include "Active", "Inactive", or "All" players.

  2. Added the ability to the Automated Player Draft to allow players to be pre-assigned to teams.  Players can be added to teams before the automated player draft is used.  The program will then draft all teams using the Player Age and Player Rating (if available), and attempt to place the same number of players on each team.

Build 359 - 9/21/2005

Changes in Build 359

  1. Fixed a bug reported in the Backup utility.  This only affected users where the database is NOT located in the default installation directory.  The backup utility was looking for the Player Pictures, Birth Certificate Images, and Volunteer Pictures folders in the same location as the database.  This has now been fixed and the backup utility looks for the Player Pictures, Birth Certificate Images, and Volunteer Pictures folders in the same folder where LeagueWorks is installed.

  2. Added many behind the scenes updates to make the software run quicker and data input easier.

Build 353 - 8/1/2005

Changes in Build 353

  1. Modified the Player Reports to display the Player Weight on the reports.

  2. Modified the "Backup" and "Restore" options on the Data Utilities window to allow the backup and restore of the Player Picture files, Birth Certificate Image files, and Volunteer Picture files.

Build 352 - 5/31/2005

Changes in Build 352

  1. Fixed a problem on the Team Roster reports where if the roster went to more than one page, the Team Name was not being displayed properly on the subsequent pages.

  2. Added a check to the software to insure that a player could not be assigned to a team without being assigned to a Division.

  3. Fixed the fonts on all reports so that all of the reports use the same font.  Some of the reports had not been updated with the new fonts.

Build 350 - 3/8/2005

Changes in Build 350

  1. Added new fields to the AFTF Import capabilities.  The program will now import the Player Custom Fields, Active Flag, Fund Raiser Donation, Other Fees, Amount Paid, How Fee Paid, Parent Occupations, Emergency Contact Relationship, and Player Registration Number.

  2. Added the capability for the program to check the Doctors, Dentists, Hospital, and Insurance tables to make sure the respective field that is being imported into the Player Registration also resides in the appropriate table.  This will allow the Doctor, Dentist, Hospital, or Insurance company record to be available on the associated drop down list on the player registration window when entering player registrations manually.

  3. Fixed a bug in the program that was causing records to be deleted from the Player Registration window.

Build 349 - 1/1/2005

Changes in Build 349

Please Note:  It is highly recommended that the Full installation of LeagueWorks for Football be downloaded and installed.  The full installation takes advantage of new security patches and updates that have been distributed by Microsoft.  The full installation will not overwrite your data (although backing up your data by using the Backup utility on the Data Utilities window, before installing a full installation or update installation, is always recommended).  You can download and install this update version, although the update version does not include the patches and updates provided by Microsoft.  The updates provided from Microsoft include new Data Access modules (MS Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8) and new Visual Basic runtime Service Pack 6.

LeagueWorks for Football database file (LWFootball.mdb) is now compatible with all versions of Microsoft Access.  You can now use any version of Microsoft Access to open the LeagueWorks for Soccer database file to create your own custom reports!  When using a version of MS Access other than Access97 to open the database, you can now say "Yes" to converting the database to the latest format.  LeagueWorks will still be able to open and read the file.


Program Preferences Window Changes
  1. Increased Size of Custom Field Labels to 50 characters.

Player/Volunteer/Sponsor Window Changes
  1. Increased size of all Email Address fields (Player, Parent, and Volunteer) to 255 characters.

  2. Changed the Doctor, Dentist, and Hospital fields on the Player Registration so that they are now drop-down list boxes.

  3. Added Volunteer Background Check and Background Check Date.

  4. Added Player Birth Certificate Image fields so that a copy of the Player Birth Certificate can now be kept in the software.

  5. Added Volunteer Photo field for use with Identification Cards.

  6. Added Parent Occupation tracking and Occupation Reports.  You can now track Parent Occupations and print Parent and Volunteer Occupation reports based on the Occupations entered.

  7. Added an Occupation table to the database.  You can now specify a list of Occupations on the Category Setup window.

  8. Made the Doctor, Dentist, and Hospital fields drop down lists that are much easier to use.  You can add new Doctors, Dentists, or Hospitals right on the Player Registration window, or add them to the Category Setup window.

Category Setup Window Changes
  1. Added Doctor, Dentist, Hospital, and Occupation tabs to the window to enter information that can be used on the Player and Volunteer Registration windows.

Reports Window Changes
  1. Changed the font on all reports to make them easier to read.

  2. Added a Birth Certificate print report.

  3. Added Player ID Cards to the Player Reports selection.

  4. Added Volunteer Volunteer ID Cards to Volunteers selection.

  5. Added all volunteer phone numbers to the Volunteer Roster by Category report.

  6. Added reports to show the Volunteers that have and have not had background checks.

  7. Added a Birth Certificate print report.

  8. Many new reports added on the Reports window.

Merge Utility Bug Fix
  1. Fixed a bug in the Merge utility.  An error was reported in the Merge that caused an error to be generated.  The Doctors, Dentists, and Hospitals were not being merged properly.

Many other reports and behind the scenes updates to make input easier and reports more full featured!!


Build 334 - 01/18/2004

Changes in Build 334

  1. Changed the names of the Import/Export files to more accurately reflect the format of the files.  The Import/Export utilizes the AFTF file format.  The name change has also been made in the LeagueWorks Formatted Data Worksheet, which is now named the AFTF Data Worksheet.

Build 332 - 01/04/2004

Changes in Build 332

  1. Added a new feature to Delete Players that have exceeded the age limit of the league.  On the Tools menu of the Startup window, a new selection has been added to "Delete Players Over the Age of...".  You supply the Age, and all players older than the provided age will be deleted from the database.

Build 330 - 11/8/2003

Changes in Build 330

  1. LeagueWorks for Football now supports importing of data.  Import data from online registration files or other versions of LeagueWorks.  Data can be imported via a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file.  For detailed information, please see the FAQ page.

  2. Added a new menu structure on the Startup window for easier navigation.  Direct access to the Backup, Restore, Merge, Import/Export, New Season updates, and all other LeagueWorks functions is now easier from the menu's.

  3. Added new data Import options to the Data Utilities window.

  4. Moved the Little League Data Center and Player Export options from the Reports window to the Data Utilities window.  The Reports window File Export options now are for specialty exports.

  5. Added many other minor fixes and updates based on comments and suggestions from you!

Build 324 - 9/8/2003

Changes in Build 324

  1. Add a new report section to the Reports window named "Evaluation/Tryout Reports".  The reports available in this section can be used for end of year evaluations or beginning of year tryouts.

  2. Added a new Report section for Email Address reports.  These reports allow the user to select reports on the email addresses of players and volunteers.

  3. Reworked the Mailing Label reports to add more options.  Also moved the Email Address reports into their own category.

  4. Added "File Export UtilitY" to the Reports window.  A new option exists on the reports window to export data for Little League Baseball and also user developed custom reports.  The Little League Data Center format is an output that can be used to send rosters to the Little League Data Center for 2003.  The new AFTF format is being implemented now.  Additional report outputs are available for Email Addresses.  The outputs for email addresses can be copied and pasted into the "To:" field of most email packages.

  5. An export format has also been included in the File Export utility on the Reports window for Players.  The output allows you to select by Division and also if you would like All players, or Active or Inactive players only.  The Comma Separated Value (CSV) file output can be imported directly into Microsoft Excel -- you can now select the data you want within Excel and create your own custom reports!  Stay tuned - more report format outputs will be available soon!

  6. Fixed a bug in the School field on the Player Registration where if a school was typed into the field, and the user was prompted to add the school to the database, the address information was being added to the database incorrectly.

  7. Added new Custom Field Reports to the Reports window.  This allows the user to display the Custom Fields for players and volunteers.

Build 322 - 8/1/2003

Changes in Build 321

  1. Modified the Team Roster, Active Player List, and Inactive Player List reports to add the Player Height and Weight to the reports.


Build 320 - 7/1/2003

Changes in Build 320

  1. Fixed a problem when navigation through different windows.  It was possible to have a "Runtime Error 438 - Object doesn't support this property or method" displayed, then the program would exit.  The error has been fixed and now clicking between windows will not cause an error.

Build 315 - 12/15/2002

Changes in Build 315

  1. Added a new option for the Tryout Reports (which can be found under the Ability Ratings selection on the Reports window).  The new option allows the selection of a Tryout Report sorted by Player Age Only.  This report is sorted by the actual age of the player.  The age is calculated based on the Player's birth date and the Current Season Year (which is defined on the Setup and Defaults tab of the Program Preferences window).

  2. Added text with the other Tryout Report options that denotes that the reports are sorted by Division first, then Last Name, Tryout Number, or Player Age (based on the selection).  For the report sorted by Division/Player Age, the age is calculated based on the Age Cutoff Month and Day (and Current Season Year) that is defined at the Division level if the player is assigned to a Division.  If the Player is not assigned to a Division, the age is calculated based on the Default Cutoff Month and Day (and the Current Season Year) defined on the Setup and Defaults tab of the Program Preferences window.

Build 314 - 11/27/2002

Changes in Build 314

  1. Fixed a bug reported in the Team/Coach assignments.  When assigning coaches to teams, the lists were displaying Volunteers that were not marked as Active.  When one of the inactive Volunteers was selected, the record would not display as an assigned Coach or Team Parent.  The Coach/Team Parent volunteers are now only displayed if they are marked Active.

Build 313 - 11/24/2002

Changes in Build 313

  1. Fixed a problem found in the Automated Division Assignment by Age.  If the Player Division Assignment "Play Up" or "Strict" options were selected on the Program Preferences window, an error message was being generated on the Player Registration window when LeagueWorks attempted to retrieve the Divisions for which the player was eligible.

Build 312 - 11/23/2002

Changes in Build 312

  1. Added three new icons to the Player Registration window toolbar.  The Registration Form for the current player displayed on the window can now be printed or previewed directly from the Player Registration window.  You can also print blank Player Registration forms directly from the Player Registration window toolbar.

  2. Added a new Player Rating Report.  The report can be found under the Ability Ratings selection.

  3. Added the ability to modify the Player Rating Labels.  Now you can set the Player Rating Labels to whatever you desire.

  4. Modified the Ability Rating reports to use the User Defined Player Ability Rating labels.

Build 311 - 11/10/2002

Changes in Build 311

  1. Players can now automatically be assigned to Divisions based on Age or School Grade.  LeagueWorks has added a selection on the Program Preferences window for Automatic Player/Division assignment based on Age or Grade.  There are multiple selections for each, based on how you would like to assign players to Divisions -- "Unlimited" (the player can play in any Division), "Play Up" (the player can play in any division at or above the Age or Grade), and "Strict" (the player can only be assigned to the Division that corresponds to their Age or Grade).  LeagueWorks utilizes new parameters on the Division window to make the assignments (see below).

  2. Added automated Division Assignment for Players.  Now, when a Player is added or marked as Active, LeagueWorks will attempt to automatically assign the Player to the proper Division, based on the selections made in the Program Preferences window.

  3. Added Minimum Grade and Maximum Grade to the Division window.  This is utilized in the Automated Player/Division assignment.

  4. Added a new Balance Due invoice.  LeagueWorks will now generate a Balance Due invoice that can be used to collect fees.

Build 302 - 10/2/02

Changes in Build 302

  1. Added Player Invoice.  Now an invoice can be generated for all Player Fees.

  2. Modified the Team Roster report to increase the field sizes and add more information to the report.

  3. Made changes to enhance the file transfer capabilities between LeagueWorks and Diamond Scheduler.  LeagueWorks will now handle Multiple Divisions within the schedule.  See the FAQ's for more information.

  4. New report for players that have not turned in Birth Certificates.

  5. Added the ability to create mailing labels for Individual Teams.

  6. Increased the size on Mailing Label formats to 12 point fonts.

  7. Added new options to the Family mailing labels to select "All", "Active Only", or "Inactive Only" Family Labels.

  8. Changed the How Fee Paid field to accept up to 15 characters output.

  9. Many other "behind the scenes" enhancements!!


Build 289 - 5/3/2002

Changes in Build 289

  1. Added an Automatic Player/Team Assignment feature.  Players can now be placed on teams automatically.  LeagueWorks attempts to balance the teams as much as possible based on Player Age and Player Ability Ratings.  Please see the FAQ on how the Players are assigned to teams for more information.

  2. Added additional checks in Player and Volunteer Merge routines.  With the previous Player and Volunteer merge routines it was possible that duplicate players would be added to the database.  For the Player, LeagueWorks uses the Player First Name, Last Name, and Birth Date to match records (the Volunteer routine uses the Volunteer First Name, Last Name, and Home Phone Number).  Previously, if a Player's Birth Date was changed, then merged into the local database, LeagueWorks would not find a match in the local database because the Birth Date had changed.  So, LeagueWorks would add a new record to the local database that would be a duplicate, only with a different Birth Date (and the same happened on the Volunteers if the Home Phone Number was changed).  Now, LeagueWorks performs an additional check so that if a Player Birth Date or Volunteer Home Phone Number changes, duplicate records will not be added to the local database.  Instead, the existing record will be updated properly.

  3. Renamed the Balance/Refund Due reports to "Fee Reports" and added a new Sponsor Fee Report.  This report lists the Sponsors, Contact Names and Phone Numbers, Amount Pledged, Amount Paid, Balance/Refund Due, and the Sponsor comments.

  4. Added a new Team Schedule with Roster Report.  This report displays the Team Schedule and Roster Names on the report.  For security purposes (if the report is to be posted on a website), the Roster Names only include the Players Name.

  5. Increased the size of the fonts on the Mailing Labels.

  6. Fixed a bug in the Player Age Calculation.  This problem only occurred for users in Canada or locales where the standard date format is dd/mm/yy (day/month/year).  The Player Age calculation now takes into account different date formats.

  7. Fixed a bug in the Mailing Label by Age report where deleted player records were being displayed on the mailing labels.  The mailing labels now do not include any records that are marked as deleted.

  8. Fixed a bug in the Player Email Reports where duplicate email addresses were being displayed where they should not have been.

Build 284 - 3/26/2002

Changes in Build 284

  1. Fixed a bug that was introduced in build 283.  The problem occurred when a Coach, Assistant Coach, or Team Parent was being added to the Coach/Team Parent information tab of the Divisions, Teams and Fields window.

Build 283 - 3/24/2002

Changes in Build 283

  1. Added new report - "Team Coach List/Player Count" under the Divisions report selection.  This report lists each teams coaches within each Division and also the number of players that are currently assigned to the team.  The report also displays the number of players within each Division that are not currently assigned to a team.

  2. Added New Report - "Team Schedule with Roster" under the Schedules report selection.  This report shows each teams schedule and also lists that players on each team.  This is a good report that can be posted directly to a website as the roster only displays the players name - no other personal information is displayed.

  3. Based on user requests, the database path is no longer displayed on each windows title bar.  The database path is displayed on the Startup Window only.  The database path can be set in the Program Preferences window under the Database Path tab.

  4. Fixed a problem that was reported with the Schedule reports.  In certain instances, games that had been deleted on the game schedule were being displayed on the schedule reports.  This only occurred if games were manually deleted from the game schedule within LeagueWorks.  The problem did not occur if a game schedule was imported from Diamond Scheduler.

  5. Fixed a problem on the Divisions Standings window where deleted teams were being displayed in the Division Standings.

  6. Fixed a problem on the Uniform Report "Pants/Shirts Summary by Division" where deleted Divisions were being displayed on the report.

Build 281 - 2/28/2002

Changes in Build 281

  1. A problem was reported with the Volunteer merge.  Occasionally, the Date Stamp and Time Stamp on the records was not being compared properly.  The problem has now been fixed and all volunteer records are merged properly.

  2. Added many new reports, including new Player Reports, Equipment Reports, School Reports, League Reports, and Email Address Reports.

  3. Modified the Player Registration forms so that the Shirt and Pants Sizes are now dynamically created based on the entries in the Category Setup window.  The sizes are also displayed by the order set in the "Set View Order" option of the uniform sizes on the Category Setup window.

  4. Added a new Player by Division report per user request.  The report is the Player by Division (Sorted by Team) report.  This report is similar to the Player by Division report, except the Players are sorted first by Division, then by team, then by player name within each team, rather than the Player by Division report which sorts by Player Name within each Division.

  5. Added many new Equipment Reports.  The reports include Equipment Item and Equipment Inventory Lists (sorted by Equipment Item and sorted by Vendor), and also Equipment Assignment reports.  The Equipment Assignment Reports include Assignment to Player, Assignment to Volunteer, Assignment to Division, and Assignment to Team.  The Equipment Assignment to Division and Equipment Assignment to Team reports denote equipment that is assigned to a Division or Team -- not necessarily assigned to a single person.

  6. Added a Sort by Zip/Postal code capability to the Mailing label reports.  By checking the Sort by Zip/Postal Code check box on the Mailing Label reports, the output will be sorted first on Zip/Postal Code, and second on Player/Volunteer/Sponsor name (depending on the mailing labels being generated).

  7. Fixed a reported problem pertaining to the Volunteer Position requests.  The problem was that some Volunteers were being associated with the wrong players.  The problem was traced to the Merge process and has now been fixed.  Please note, this problem only pertains to those users that have associated Volunteers with Players and have also used the Merge process to merge multiple databases.  If the Merge process has not been used, then your data has not been affected by the problem.

  8. Fixed a reported problem where the merge process displayed an error when trying to merge the Volunteer Team Assignments.  The problem was the merge was inadvertently trying to add a duplicate record and was displaying an error message.  The problem has now been fixed and all Volunteer Team Assignments will merge properly.  This problem was only reported by one user, and does not corrupt any data.  So, anyone that has used the merge process and has not seen an error message when the Merge process performs the Team Volunteer Merge is not affected by this problem.

Build 264 - 2/1/2002

Changes in Build 264

  1. Added the ability to change a players team directly on the Player Registration window.  This enables easy player movement from team to team.  This will also save time during team assignments.

  2. Added a "View Order" to the Uniform (Pants and Shirts field) on the Uniform tab of the Category Setup window.  This allows a user configurable sort order for all of the Uniform Sizes displayed on the Player Registration window, Category Setup window, and Reports.

  3. Fixed a problem on installation where some users were receiving an "OLE files are in use.  Please Reboot..." message, and when the computer was rebooted, the install would loop into the same error message.  The installation software has been upgraded and all LeagueWorks installations have been verified to work on all versions of Windows.

Build 262 - 12/2/2001

Changes in Build 262

  1. Added a Program Preferences button to the main Startup window.  Now the Registration information, Program Defaults, Custom Field Labels, and Database Path are easily accessible from the Startup window.

  2. Enhanced the Backup and Restore functionality to make both functions more robust.

Changes in Build 259

  1. Fixed a problem that occurred when a Parent was marked as a volunteer on the Player Registration window and a Work Phone number was not entered.  The popup Volunteer Registration window was displaying an error.

Changes in Build 258

  1. Added a feature to allow the selection of the Date Format.  LeagueWorks now allows the selection of the format for all dates on forms and reports.  The Date Format can be found on the Program Preferences screen.

  2. Added a feature to select the location of the LeagueWorks data file.  You can now select the location of your data file on the Program Preferences screen.  This will allow you to open archived backups, or if LeagueWorks is being used on a network, it will allow you to select the location of the data file on a network server.

  3. Modified the heading on each window so the location of the current working data file is displayed at the top of the window.

  4. Added Work and Mobile phone numbers to the Parents information on the Player Registration window.

  5. Added the Parents Work and Mobile phone numbers to various reports within LeagueWorks.

Changes in Build 256

  1. Added enhanced data integrity rules when renaming and adding new Players and Volunteers.  Now, if a players name and/or birth date is changed, LeagueWorks provides better controls on how you would like to handle the change.  The same procedures were added to a change in the Volunteer Name and/or Home Phone Number.

Changes in Build 250

  1. A problem was found where if a Team was deleted from a Division, then a new Team was added with the same name (and in the same Division), a duplicate Team record was being created.  The update fixes the problem so that if a deleted Team record (with the same Team Name and within the same Division) is found, then the deleted record is undeleted and updated with the new information.



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